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Spinal Hardware and Biologics

Griffin Surigcal and Spine has specialized in spinal implants and biologics for orthopedic and neuro spine surgeons in the Colorado, Utah, & Arizona markets for the past 8 years.  We have a wide range of spinal implant products from multiple companies that we distribute for. Which in turn, allows us to provide services to our surgeons for the most complex spinal procedures. Here's a small list of some of the companies that we distribute for.


Allosource is the world’s largest processor of cellular bone allografts. They deliver unparalleled expertise and customer service to our growing network of surgeons, partners, and the country’s most reputable Organ Procurement Organization. As one of the leading innovators in maximizing tissue donation with the goal of offering optimal solutions for healthcare providers and their patients. AlloSource is recognized by the medical community for its ability to process and provide high quality tissue.

SpineArt, A leader in new spine implant technology, combines its understanding of leading surgeons' experience and needs with the expertise and creativity of its team to craft a new breed of products, including innovative fusion and motion preservation devices.  SpineArt has also managed to drastically reduce the number of instruments and simplify the process needed for spinal surgery.

Spinal Elements, Inc. is an innovative spine technology company that is delivering a new standard for spine surgery. Located in Carlsbad, California, Spinal Elements is known for its ability to design and bring to market products that introduce a new set of industry standards. We have built a reputation of consistently delivering a new standard in all dimensions of our company

Centinel Spine was the first company worldwide to develop and market a No Profile® Integrated Interbody Fusion® spinal device, and the first to introduce Integrated Interbody Fusion® to the United States' community of spine surgeons. We are the ONLY spinal device company with a fully comprehensive line of industry leading products- Stalif-C for cevrcial(in both domed and tapered profiles) and Stalif-TT, Stalif Oblique and the new Stalif-Midline systems for lumbar fusion.

Evologics is a biologics company committed to delivering high quality products at lower costs to the end user. We specialize in OEM products and have the ability to customize products by request and collaboration. We pride ourselves on quality over quantity. Evologics is Evolving Biologics.

SpineSmith® believes in the promise of regenerative technologies to promote the repair and regeneration of tissue. Through a collaborative design, we are creating a diverse portfolio of regenerative technologies incorporating both cell based therapies and biological delivery systems.

X-Spine is a next generation spinal implant company deliverying next generation technologies for the treatment of spinal disease worldwide.  The four focal points of X-Spine include, INVENTION, INTEGRATION, INTUITION, AND QUALITY.